Erectile Dysfunction Without Pills

Erectile Dysfunction Without Pills


If you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, it can be a daunting process trying to find out what works best for you. Despite todays world being a plethora of pills that aim to cure pretty much everything, for some people, using pills is not something that works for them. This can be for many different reasons, for example pills may conflict with existing medical problems, or simply they don't enjoy taking them and are seeking alternatives.

If you’re thinking that pills are not for you, then this article aims to educate you on other options that are available to you, which include natural remedies, exercises and lifestyle changes.

There are a large number of reasons that you may be experiencing Erectile Dysfunction, and these vary from situational reasons to biological reasons. Whether you're ED is situational or biological plays a large part in the types of treatment you should consider, since a large range of situational treatments may not work as well for someone who experiences Erectile Dysfunction on a biological level.

To determine whether your Erectile Dysfunction is something that is biologically triggered or situational triggered, you need to pay attention to how your penis reacts in different sexual situations. We're first going to discuss situational Erectile Dysfunction and alternative treatments for this problem that do not involve pills.


Situational Erectile Dysfunction occurs based on situational circumstances, for example this means that the effectiveness of your erection could be determined by the situation you are in, this plays very much into how aroused you are and many other factors fall into it. Alcohol is an example of something that causes impotence in many men, if you are over-using alcohol and are noticeably drunk when engaging in sex, at times you can find your erection less effective. This is because alcohol dilates the blood vessels in the body and as a result, the blood vessels that are within the penis stay open. This means that the blood does not stay secured within the penis and therefore the penis may return to a flaccid state or have trouble becoming erect. Drinking alcohol and the potential resulting impotence can be avoided by limiting yourself to 1-2 drinks at a maximum, however if you are struggling with alcohol consumption and think cutting down your intake may result in difficulty and attachment then we recommend consulting a medical professional or a loved one.

Other situational impacts on your erection could be caused by pornography. Pornography is very stimulating and if you are too frequently using pornography to stimulate your arousal whilst you masturbate, it could become difficult to achieve that level of stimulation with your partner. Pornography portrays unrealistic sexual expectations in peoples minds and often goes to an extreme that some people may feel uncomfortable talking about to their partner. This can be treated by simply talking to your partner more, engaging in more intimate sexual situations where you both tell each other what you desire and what arouses you.

Amongst many other situational Erectile Dysfunction causes, one of the main reasons you may be unable to maintain an erection could be due to not being sexually aroused enough. Nerves may be playing a large part in the experience and distracting you, or it could be due to the fact that you have not spent long enough on foreplay to allow sexual arousal to flourish. It is noted that an erection could be maintained for longer if foreplay prior to penetrative sex is increased.


Biological factors mean that some causes of Erectile Dysfunction are harder to treat.  Biological Erectile Dysfunction means that the body has a very specific reason as to why it is having trouble maintaining an erection, this is potentially not something that is caused by arousal or circumstance, and therefore can be incredibly frustrating for the man.

Biological reasoning's may also be harder to diagnose. The complexity of the body makes it hard to locate exactly what may be causing the lack of erection. However, should you be suffering from Erectile Dysfunction and it is not caused by any situational reasons, then there are many different options for treatment that do not involve pills.

It is often recommended that you consult your doctor if you are struggling to achieve an erection, and there are a plethora of reasons this could be, meaning there are many different types of treatment that they will suggest based on what the doctor perceives to be the catalyst of the issue. One of these could be psychological counselling, since mental health and mental illness could play a large part in your sexual life, those with depression for example suffer with Erectile Dysfunction often. Inability to achieve an erection would also potentially influence a worsened mental state.

Another treatment for Biological Erectile Dysfunction could even be hormone replacement therapy, it may be that the man has a low level of testosterone in the body that is effecting how they perform sexually. Testosterone is the hormone inside the male body that make you a man. Testosterone affects your voice, growth of hair, muscle growth, sexual growth and more, so if you're struggling achieving an erection, this could be due to a lack or dip in testosterone.

There are a large number of different reasons as to why you're experiencing Erectile Dysfunction. This could be due to circumstantial issues or it could be a biological problem, alternatively it could be a mixture of both the circumstantial and biological. We recommend consulting a medical professional to ascertain your best point of action.